Differences between summer and four season duvets

Learn the differences between a summer weight duvet and four seasons duvet to help you choose the ideal choice for your bedroom. Which fill material and weight will you choose?

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How to Wash Down, Alpaca Fibre and 100% Wool Duvets

Eiderdown’s range of premium quality duvets adds a newfound level of comfort to your sleep. Find out the recommended washing method for our products with this expert guide to cleaning...

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How to Choose the Best Duvet For Winter

Winter is a time we seek warmth and comfort, especially at night. One essential item that can enhance our sleep experience during the chilly nights is a winter weight duvet....

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What’s a Summer Duvet and Why Do I Need One?

Things are heating up for summer and as the temperature grows so does the discomfort of sleeping as nights begin to grow warm, sticky and uncomfortable. At one time or...

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How To Stay Warmer In Bed | Eiderdown

Now that the colder months are in full swing, nights are getting chilly, and with Winter here, it’s only going to get colder. New Zealand can get pretty brisk throughout...

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