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Differences between summer and four season duvets

by Lucas Mills 29 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Summer duvets and four-season duvets differ primarily in their warmth and thickness, catering to different temperature preferences and seasons. When it comes to Eiderdown’s Hungarian Goose Down duvets made in New Zealand, the differences in these two types of duvets may be influenced by factors such as fill power, fill weight and the materials used.

Summer Duvets

Warmth Level: Summer duvets are designed to provide lightweight and breathable warmth, making them suitable for warmer seasons. They are intended to keep you comfortable without causing overheating during hot weather. Fill Weight: Summer duvets might have a lower fill weight compared to their counterparts, as they don't need as much insulation for warmth. This also creates an incredibly lightweight feeling duvet.

Four-Season Duvets

Warmth Level: Four-season duvets are more versatile and suitable for use throughout the year. Ours consist of two duvets that can be used separately or combined for extra warmth. Here’s how this allows you to adjust the insulation based on the season. Summer: Use the 50% Hungarian Goose Down duvet Autumn/Spring: Use the 80% Hungarian Goose Down duvet Winter: Combine the two to stay warm throughout the coldest winter nights. Fill Weight: The fill weight in four-season duvets is typically higher than that in summer duvets, as they are designed to provide more warmth.

Choosing the Perfect Fill Material

Choosing the ideal fill material for a summer weight or four seasons duvet involves considering various factors such as insulation, breathability and budget. Our Hungarian Goose Down is renowned for its exceptional insulation properties, providing a lightweight and fluffy fill that efficiently traps warmth without overheating. Similarly, our Hungarian Duck Down offers a more budget-friendly alternative with comparable insulation qualities. Our Alpaca Fibre, known for its natural breathability, is an excellent choice for those seeking a duvet that adapts to varying temperatures throughout the year. Alpaca fibres wick away moisture and provide a luxurious, lightweight feel. On the other hand, our Wool is a classic option that regulates body temperature effectively, making it suitable for both summer and winter. Each fill material has its unique characteristics, so the choice ultimately depends on personal preferences and specific sleep needs.

For more advice, get in touch with us at Eiderdown today to find the perfect solution for your sleeping environment.

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