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Guide: How to put on a duvet cover

by Lucas Mills 27 Apr 2022 0 Comments

With our world’s best Hungarian goose down, duck down, and alpaca and wool duvets you’ll be sleeping soundly night after night for years to come. But duvet’s need a duvet cover putting on, which is notoriously laboursome task, so here is a breakdown guide to making the common chore more manageable and easier than ever.

How do I put on a duvet cover?

  1. It makes it easier to turn your duvet cover inside out.
  2. Next, spread the duvet across your mattress.
  3. Enter your hands inside the duvet cover to the closed end of the cover.
  4. Pinch the corners of the duvet through the cover.
  5. Holding both up, shake the cover to fall down the duvet as far as it will go with gravity alone.
  6. Now, spread the duvet back across the mattress and manually pull the remaining 10-20% of the duvet dover to cover the duvet, making sure the corners align.
  7. Fasten the open end of the cover, whether it is buttons, snap fasteners or something more exotic such as velcro or zips.
  8. Give the duvet one more shake to ensure a neatly stuffed duvet cover and make your bed ready for a night’s rest in your freshly changed sheets.

All our duvets and pillows are made locally in New Zealand and we offer free shipping across the country. Get your brand new duvet today and transform your bed into a cloud-soft sleeping haven.

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